Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp, with easily found ingredients

A little lighter fare with flavor and shrimp for a change. This is a very simple introduction to Thai street food with ingredients found in most American kitchens. One only has to find some great fish sauce. But, for a more authentic taste, skip the ketchup and, like in Thailand, produce red color with the chili pepper and tamarind.  To do that here, just replace the sauce with Chef Pong’s sauce also posted today at

The recipe comes from the Editors of Publications International, Ltd. at

Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp
8 oz. uncooked rice noodles, 1/8″ wide
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Chef Pong’s Pad Thai Sauce

Pad Thai Sauce can top shrimp, chicken or pork with rice noodles and traditional Pad Thai vegetables.

This is Chef Pong’s recipe and you can watch him, even if you do not understand Thai, at his site It may take a bit of searching to find the ingredients, but it’s well worth it, you will taste the difference. (Recommend this sauce as a replacement for the Americanized sauce in the intro recipe:

Pad Thai Sauce
10¾ oz. (300 grams) Tamarind
3¾ oz. (100 grams) Shallot
10½ oz. (300 grams) Coconut sugar
1 handful dried chilies
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