“Marguerita” circa 1991, Kincaid’s Restaurant Minneapolis

Kincaid’s served this wonderful Marguerita in Minneapolis in the early 1990s, advertising this recipe and a recipe for an incredible Bloody Mary (which is posted here as well) to patrons on each bar table. The use of orgeat syrup is what makes this drink stand out and is very much a necessity, but may be a little hard to find. The restaurant no longer serves this version of Marguerita, but I certainly do. I think you will too. (Oh, and see end note for my addition to kick it up a notch!)

Marguerita circa 1991, Kincaid’s Restaurant Minneapolis
6 oz. ice
1½ oz. Cuervo Gold
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Grey Goose L’Orange Cosmopolitan

A lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


This recipe first appeared in a magazine ad for Grey Goose L’Orange.  It has been very slightly revised to add a squeeze of a fresh orange alongside the lime juice, and it is garnished with an orange peel instead of a lime peel.  That slightly revised cocktail can be found at http://www.greygoose.com/en/us/cocktail-recipes/cosmopolitan

Since we’ve enjoyed the original, and find it apt for a lovers’ holiday, we post it here:

Grey Goose L’Orange Cosmopolitan
3 oz. Grey Goose L’Orange
1/2 oz. Cointreau, or Grand Marnier (sweeter than Cointreau)
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