Zaldivar’s Queso con Rajas

Rajas con Crema y Queso Recipe - Thrift and Spice

In Feb. 2001 the Minneapolis Star Tribune highlighted the Zaldivar family, Alberto and Laura and their boys, Nick, Andrew, Zachary and Joseph, who “whipped” up the dishes that their mother and grandmother made in Mexico City in their Maple Grove, Minnesota kitchen.

Today’s recipe can be used as a filling for corn tortillas, or as a dip and comes from Alberto’s mom, whose heritage, the Star Tribune wrote, “is Navajo and Yaqui Indian.”

Zaldivar’s Queso con Rajas
2 (4 oz.) cans dice mild green chiles
1 (4 oz.) can diced hot chiles
(Note: if chiles labeled ‘hot’ or ‘mild’ are unavailable, add 1/4 sm. can of diced jalapeño peppers, or to taste)
2 med. onions, diced
1 tbsp. oil
1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese, cut in cubes
8 oz. Monterey Jack cheese, cut in cubes
Pepper to taste
Salt, if needed

Dice chiles further, if necessary. Saute’ the chiles and onions in oil in a frying pan over medium heat for several minutes. Add the cubed cheeses and allow them to melt over a low heat, stirring and blending the mixture as it melts. Season with pepper. Add salt, if needed. Transfer to a serving dish for dip, or fill corn tortillas. Serves about 6.


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