Perfect Prime Rib, every time!

This recipe delivers an absolutely perfect and delicious, browned, medium rare prime rib, every single time!

It comes from mom’s butcher, Kevin Conrady and his original Haus Of Prime Meats that was a fixture in Thiensville, Wisconsin for more than 20 years. Conrady, who had taken over the business from his father, closed his Thiensville shop in 2009, selling his, smaller Haus of Prime Meats in downtown Delafield, Wisconsin to an employee who now continues the family run, full service butcher shop tradition.

Roast Prime Rib au Jus
(Cooking instructions are the same for any size roast, but highly recommend Haus of Prime seasoned prime rib roast.)

Let prime rib stand at room temperature for at least 1 hour.
Preheat oven to 375° F.  Place the meat, fat side up, in a shallow roasting pan. DO NOT COVER! DO NOT ADD WATER!

Put the prime rib in the oven Cook for only one hour, then turn off the heat, BUT DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR FOR ANY REASON. Then, about 30-40 minutes before you wish to serve the prime rib, ~Regardless of the length of time the  prime rib has been in the oven~, turn the oven on again and reset the temperature for 375° F. and cook the prime rib for another 30-40 min. Serve.


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